Friday, February 5, 2021

En Route to Great Sale Cay

February 5 2021 1900
About 28 nm east of Memory Rock, Bahamas Banks

We got underway early this afternoon and headed out the Lake Worth Inlet, which was congested with small power boats, lots of wakes, boisterous seas. Not much fun. Things got better when we got out onto the ocean, raised sails and started heading towards The Bahamas.The wind was 15-18 knots from the south, which was promising and seas were a choppy.2 feet or so, just off the nose, not so promising.

To account for the 2-3 knot northerly current of the Gulf Stream, we had to steer a course about 22 degrees south of our rhumbline, the direct line between our starting point and first waypoint at Memory Rock. Unfortunately, this put us too close to the wind to sail and Intermezzo doesn't tack upwind worth a damn, so we had to motor sail for the first 20 miles or so.

Around 1730, the wind clocked to the SSW and we were able to turn off the motor and start sailing. The seas are sloppy, making for an uncomfortable ride and Amy is seasick, although bravely standing her 1800 to 2100 watch so far. We're going a bit faster than I'd like to be, but better that we get out of those seas to calmer waters in the lee of Grand Bahama Island.

Robin's a capable first mate and is helping Amy learn the ropes, which I appreciate.

It's warm again. Gulf Stream water temperature is in the low 70's and is warming the air above the sea.

Looks like we'll reach our destination at Great Sale Cay late tomorrow morning.