Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sassafras River, Chesapeake & Delaware Canal

Intermezzo is lying at the free city dock in Chesapeake City along the Chesapeake & Delaware canal. We'll be here until about midnight tonight when we'll leave to transit the canal, enter Delaware Bay and head to Cape May and the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean. Our departure is timed to avoid strong opposing currents in the canal and bay and reach our anchorage near Cape May before strong forecasted southerly winds start blowing on Wednesday afternoon.

We spent last night at a peaceful anchorage near the mouth of the Sasafrass River. Along the way there we crossed under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the largest bridge since heading out under the Golden Gate in San Francisco. The geology and topology of the shoreline changed as we moved northward. Flat beaches changed to steep cliffs, sandy shores giving way to soft sandstone. The bay looks more like a lake here to me.

Small resorts lined the shores at the mouth of the Sassafras, little beaches with umbrellas and lounge chairs.  It was overcast with no wind, the water flat calmed as we entered the river. It felt a bit like the calm before the storm, though no storm ever materialized.

After dropping anchor close in along in a secluded area along river's south bank, we did some birdwatching, which included sighting a couple of bald eagles, and had a light session of yoga on the front deck.

The night was cool and peaceful, the boat perfectly still in flat calm waters.

This morning we continued north to the entrance of the C&D Canal, encountering a fair amount of barge traffic. We spotted a couple more bald eagles along the way. It's warm, thunderclouds are brewing all around us.

We'll relax here, walk around town, have dinner at the nearby Chesapeake Inn and then slip our docklines around midnight. I hope the weather forecasts are accurate this time. If we encounter strong southerlies in the Delaware Bay with an ebb current, we will be in for a slow, bumpy, bashing ride south.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge, largest bridge Intermezzo has passed under since the Golden Gate

Shoreline of the northern Chesapeake Bay, near the Sassafrass River

Waterfowl convening at a fish pen. I counted ten ospreys here.

Entrance to the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal