Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Puesta del Sol > Bahia Santa Elena, 5 May 0530

Hannah stood her first two night watches successfully. She sailed her entire first watch, the wind dying just as I came on at 2100. On her second watch, she had to dodge a large thunderstorm using the radar. Other than the thunderstorm, it was an uneventful night, with only a few fishing boats a few miles further off the coast than the course we sailed. The lightening during the thunderstorm was exiting. It was only cloud-to-cloud, so not dangerous, but some of the flashes lit up the sea dramatically all around us.

We're going to need to get used to lightening; this area and south has a very high frequency of lightening strikes. Lots of anecdotal evidence of boats getting hit. The real statistics must represent a significant risk as the deductible on my insurance policy is doubled for damage caused by lightening.

We've logged 109 nm of our 137 nm passage. ETA is currently at around 1130 this morning, local time. I expect we'll be securely anchored in Bahia Santa Elena by 1300.